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    Help patients save money to improve adherence

    Patients can get easily confused by the myriad of choices available to them when it comes to prescription benefits. They incorrectly assume that any available discounts would be applied for them at the time the prescription is written and filled. Or, they’re required to fumble with coupons or Rx discount cards that limit them to only certain pharmacies.

    And, when patients have difficulty affording their medications, they are less likely to pick them up and take them as prescribed:

    • 50% of prescriptions are abandoned
    • Only 1 out of 4 prescriptions are taken as prescribed

    Instantly know the prices here, there and everywhere

    In just a few clicks/taps, eazyScripts presents medication options in an intuitive, easy-to-follow template that makes it simple for doctors and patients to compare prices by location and select the best option for the patient.

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