Get Enrolled, Get Verified, Get Access, and Get Going!

Get Enrolled, Get Verified, and Get Going!

We Are the First ePrescribing Tool Built Specifically for Telehealth organizations to Support Custom Drug Orders

Beautifully Simple & Fast ePrescribing
(that doctors actually use)
Simply Better ePrescribing
for telemedicine and electronic health record companies
Point-of-Care Price Transparency
Help patients discover and take advantage of prescription cost savings during the encounter.

Take The Stress and Difficulty Out of Your Transition to ePrescribing. We Make It Eazy!

  • Utilizes the latest technologies
  • Designed to support Telehealth organizations
  • Secure, cloud-based, & HIPAA compliant
  • EPCS Certified
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP)
  • Customizable Drug Order Sets
  • Seamless EHR integration

Many states now mandate electronic prescribing for Controlled and non-Controlled Substances. Your state’s requirements may be changing soon, get ahead of the curve and enroll today.


EazyScripts Delivers Results For Patients and Providers:


For Patients:

  • Medication Pricing at Point of Care
  • Patient Savings Programs
  • Send medications to any pharmacy
  • Improved patient outcomes

For Providers:

  • Faster, easier, better e-prescribing experience
  • Clinical decision support at Point of Care
  • Prescription tracking & reporting
  • Unrivaled client support

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eazyScripts delivers results:


For patients:

  • Get the right medications at the best price
  • Improved medication safety
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Lower 30-day readmissions

For providers:

  • Faster, easier, better e-prescribing experience
  • Better clinical decisions at point-of-care
  • Prescription tracking & reporting
  • Unrivaled client support

ePrescribing Doctors Prefer To Use


The fastest way to e-prescribe

Write and send a script in under 15 seconds, with no delays for prior authorization.

Works anywhere, anytime

eazyScripts works anywhere you are – on any device and integrates with any EHR system.


Price Information at Point of Care

Help patients understand their choices, so they can elect to save money on their medications.

Get Enrolled, Get Verified, Get Access, and Get Going!


The Leading ePrescribing Solution for Telehealth

  • Price transparency advantage over competitors
  • Rapidly integrate and deploy in days, not months

Beautifully Simple & Fast

eazyScripts’ physician-inspired user interface lets you write and send a script to 90% of pharmacies nationwide from anywhere, on any device in 15 seconds or less.


eazyScripts is designed to integrate with every:


EHR System


Health System


Download: The Evolution and Benefits of ePrescribing

This white paper addresses the top pain points doctors are facing and explains how e-prescribing can provide relief.

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Get going in days,
not months

  • Secure, cloud-based, & HIPAA compliant
  • Customizable workflows
  • Works with all EHRs
  • Dedicated, US-based client support


  • "This is by far the best user interface we have used. We are able to find the information we need. 6 clicks to submit a script in under 15 seconds. Can't beat that!"

    James Visagi, MD FACS
    James Visagi, MD FACS Trident Medical Associates

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