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What types of ePrescribing solutions does eazyScripts offer?

1. Standalone

The eazyScripts standalone portal is accessed via your web browser. Standalone offers minimal customization, but doesn’t require SureScripts certification or a DEA 1311 audit. This option does not involve any integration, and is the quickest and least expensive way to start prescribing.

2. IFrame

We embed our screens within your EHR using your color scheme and logo.. IFrame is the quickest integration option and requires SureScripts certification testing and a DEA 1311 partial audit, if you are planning to support EPCS.

3. Inscreen

Inscreen integration is a complete back-end API integration of eazyScripts with your EHR system. After completing SureScripts certification and a full DEA 1311 audit (if supporting EPCS), this option allows for total customization, including building your own interface and designing your own screens. This option is our most complex and expensive form of integration.

4. IFrame+

IFrame+ is a hybrid model of IFrame and inscreen integrations. We embed our new prescription creation screens within your EHR, while also using a back-end API integration for customization of all additional user data, including your colour scheme, and logo. IFrame+ requires SureScripts certification testing and a partial DEA 1311 audit if you are planning to support EPCS. This is currently our most popular option amongst our current clients.

Why do I need to complete SureScripts testing?

Certification from SureScripts is required when integrating with eazyScripts to confirm that all DEA compliancies are met, and to ensure that connection to the SureScripts network is successful for the purpose of preventing errors during prescription transmission to a pharmacy.

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