What Will Mandated e-Prescribing Means for Healthcare?

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In 2015, Vermont became final state to legalize e-prescribing of controlled substances. E-prescribing proponents have long said that electronic prescriptions are more secure than paper prescription pads, particularly in stopping illegal dispensing of narcotics.

Now that e-prescribing controlled substances is legal in all 50 states, several states, including New York, Minnesota, and Maine are mandating e-prescriptions for controlled substances, and several other states, including California, Missouri, and Vermont are considering similar legislation. Discussions are also ongoing in Massachusetts, Texas, and Ohio.

Why is e-prescribing so frequently talked about in regards to helping fight the opioid epidemic? By removing the prescription from paper distribution, the opportunities to tamper with the prescription are reduced significantly.  E-prescribing allows a practitioner to send a prescription for a controlled substance straight from their office to the pharmacy, eliminating the chance for a prescription to be lost, stolen, sold, or altered in a way to assist in diversion.

Benefits are high for e-prescribing, and as the epidemic for opioid abuse is reaching critical numbers, more states are considering bills trying to tackle it — e-prescribing is becoming a big trend throughout the country.

U.S. states with more robust prescription drug monitoring programs have fewer prescription opioid overdose deaths than states with weaker PDMPs. EazyScripts provides physicians with access to PDMP’s. The collaboration between medical professionals and eazyScripts is a joint effort to support the legitimate medical use of controlled substances, while limiting the abuse and diversion of these drugs. Eazyscripts’ software is Surescripts® certified and has complete ID Proofing, two way authentication, and an audit trail archive.


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