Telemedicine Market to Soar Past $30B

 In Telemedicine

An aging population and ever-increasing healthcare costs are propelling growth in the telemedicine marketplace. According to a new market research report, Global Telemedicine Market – Growth, Trends & Forecasts (2015-2020), published by Mordor Intelligence, the global market for telemedicine is expected to be worth more than $34 billion by the end of 2020. North America will account for more than 40 percent of the global market size.

Driving growth in this market, researchers say is an increasing aged population, increasing incidences of chronic diseases and rapid rise in the software technology market.

Also, many healthcare systems are trying to reduce both the number of hospital visits and the length of stay in hospital, which has led a growing trend for patients to be monitored in their home environment and as a result, a growing trend for the telemedicine market.

E-prescribing, a technology-based system which allows medical professionals to write and send prescriptions to the pharmacy electronically instead of the traditional paper and faxed prescriptions, is expected to play a large role in telemedicine’s growth.

The eazyScripts e-prescribing software provides telemedicine providers with the ability to submit electronic prescriptions, check prescription fill data, formulary, secure electronic prior authorization at the touch of a button, reducing inefficiencies and errors. Providers can send an electronic prescription in 25 seconds or less, allowing physicians to put a greater focus on patient health outcomes. In addition, eazyScripts offers medication adherence options which increase patient satisfaction.


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