Prior Authorization and What It Means for Doctors


According to a recent article in Medical Economics, few words arouse more frustration among physicians than “prior authorization.” And it’s easy to understand why. The time physicians and their staffs have to spend persuading an insurance company to cover a medication or procedure is an expensive and annoying distraction from the task of caring for patients.

What are the costs of prior authorizations?

A study of 12 primary care practices published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine put the mean annual projected cost per full-time equivalent physician for prior authorization activities between $2,161 and $3,430. The study’s authors concluded that “preauthorization is a measurable burden on physician and staff time.”

Technology exists today that can significantly lessen the hassle of prior authorizations and the expenses they bring. With electronic prior authorization (e-PA) there is no waiting for insurance authorization. EazyScripts e-PA offers an intuitive electronic prior authorization tool so physicians can quickly and seamlessly treat their patients. By streamlining the entire prior authorization process with patients’ insurance companies, eazyScripts saves doctor invaluable time.

And when you couple e-PA with our e-prescribing software, physicians save even more time. E-prescribing allows physicians to submit electronic prescriptions, at pharmacies convenient for their patients, right from their mobile devices. With SureScripts Certification, connecting physicians to 90% of the pharmacies in the United States, eazyScripts offers the most robust 1-touch e-prescribing software in the healthcare industry.


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