E-prescribing Relieves Top 3 Pain Points Faced by Doctors

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  1. Drugs not covered (benefits and eligibility checks)

E-prescribing provides real-time, patient-specific information to providers regarding a patient’s prescription drug benefit coverage as well as the out-of-pocket costs the patient will incur at pharmacy for prescribed medications. The cost of prescribed medications is a leading cause of patient non-adherence to drug therapy. Formulary checks at the point of care, result in better prescribing practices. A drug formulary is a list of prescription drugs, both generic and brand name, used by practitioners to identify drugs that offer the greatest overall value.

Drugs considered for the formulary are chosen for their safety and effectiveness. EazyScripts provides access to formulary data, so physicians can make informed decisions on clinical best practice.

  1. Allergic reactions (medication history and active meds list)

E-prescribing allows doctors to interact with patients at the point of care, using a real-time medication history of a patient’s, fill data and trends. EazyScripts provides a full view of patients’ medication history and active medications, whether they are first time visits or regular patients. EazyScripts also provides physicians with access to Physician Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs). The collaboration between medical professionals and eazyScripts is a joint effort to support the legitimate medical use of controlled substances, while limiting the abuse and diversion of these drugs.

Point-of-care prescribing is a must, and in this day and age, that means mobile device support. eazyScripts gives physicians on-the-go prescribing power from a mobile phone, iPad, or tablet.

  1. Prior Authorizations (e-Prior Authorization can reduce the time to fill a PA script from days/week to minutes)

When doctors use Electronic Prior Authorization (e-PA) from eazyScripts, there is no long waiting period for insurance authorization. EazyScripts e-PA offers an intuitive electronic prior authorization tool so healthcare providers can quickly and seamlessly treat their patients. The entire e-PA process can take from two-to five minutes, reducing the time for approval from days to minutes. By streamlining the entire Prior Authorization process with patient insurance companies, eazyScripts saves invaluable time.

When you combine e-PA with eazyScripts’ e-prescribing, physicians save even more time. Our e-prescribing software allows physicians to submit electronic prescriptions, at pharmacies convenient for their patients, right from their mobile devices. With SureScripts Certification connecting physicians to 90% of pharmacies in the United States, eazyScripts offers the most robust one-touch e-prescribing software available in the healthcare industry.


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